TJ Ledwith

HackNYU 2019

In Feburary 2019, I teamed up with some friends and we went to hackathon called HackNYU. Our project was based off the theme of Sustainability and to tackle this issue we made a VR game in Unity that connected to a Leap Motion controller and tracked hand movement. This was a great project since it was extremely interactive and used Google Cardboard and made the game accessable to many with little cost. It also used the hand tracking which is an amazing techonology especially with the Google Cardboard in which you don't usually get those kind of experiences with a low-end VR rig like that. The project in short helps educate users of better taking care of the enviorment around them and making them more aware of the small actions they are doing everyday, so that the user can make the world a better place with one small step at a time. Because in the end the only ones who can make the enviorment better is us.

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